A. J. Letourneau, Inc  

What can not go into a dumpster?

Unfortunately, we do not set up the regulations, they are mandated and strictly enforced by State and Federal Agencies.
The following items can not be put into any container:

  •  Gypsy Board- Needs to be recycled
  •  TV or Computers Monitors, 
  •  Wet Paint, 
  •  Any item that had or has Gas or Oil in it (lawn mower, grill)
  •  Car Parts
  •  Tires (any size)
  •  Any Hot Material
  •  Cardboard (needs to be recycled)
  •  Front load containers only - Construction or demolition material (wood, plaster, sheet rock etc) 

 General Waste and Construction material can not be co-mingled. 

If you find yourself with any of these items please contact the main office for proper disposal.

How long can I keep a roll off dumpster?
At the time of booking we will ask how long you expect to need the container, the first week is included in the deposit. However every week after will be charged a rental fee. If you find yourself needing the container longer then expected simply contact the main office to extend your rental.

How full can the dumpster be?
Roll off containers can be filled "water level", nothing over the top. Same goes for front load containers, the covers need to be able to close for safe and legal service. Anything over the top will either fall out of the container, which is the customer's responsibility, or in extreme cases will result in a dead run along will a fee. If it is considered not legal to haul, it will be classified as a dead run and the customer will be asked to level off the container and may be charged for the dead run.

What if a banned item is put in the container?
If a banned item is found in your container one of two things may happen. A fine may be imposed which is the customer's responsibility to pay or the load will be rejected at which time it will be returned to the customer and the customer will be responsible for the time and fees accumulated during that service.

Where should the dumpster be placed?
We strongly recommend containers be placed on a solid, flat surface, however final determination is at the customer's discretion. At the time of delivery you need to sign a delivery waiver which relinquishes A.J. Letourneau, Inc of any property damage. Any damage caused to the driveway, lawn, or structures is the sole responsibility of the customer, NOT AJ LETOURNEAU, INC.

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